Saturday, 20 October 2012

Oscar sleeping again, had a hard day#rabbit

Here's my daughters rabbit Oscar, he looks so cute when he's sleeping, he just throws himself on the floor and within seconds he's sound asleep, wish i could do this, The only thing is he has a hutch in the house where he sleeps,pees,and poos but other wise he has the run of the house all day, but he dose have a habit of chewing through cables ie, phone cables, i have lost could how many i-pad cables i have been through, at least they are unplugged so he does'nt hurt himself. don't you all think he's cute?

sterling silver amethyst pendant

Here is one of my creations this week. I have only managed to get up to my workshop about three times this week, really would like to get more work done but find it hard when i also work full time else where. this pendant is now listed in my etsy shop at, it measures 2" and has a 4mm round Amethyst stone, all made from sterling silver wire. I also got a lot of pieces back from the Edinburgh Assay office in total 38 pieces, still need to get more work Hallmarked but i'm getting there. Today I might head out for a little wonder around the shops seeing as it's not raining or freezing cold. hope you all have a wonderful weekend, Enjoy, x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sterling silver bracelet with butterfly and leaf charms#handmadejewelry #eve smith#bracelets #butterfly

Here is my little charm bracelet made from sterling silver wire and sheet, I have made butterfly and leaf charms all hand pierced. I just got loads of pieced back from the assay office today, a lot of the pieces are going down to Wales for an exhibition which starts mid November and finishes Beginning of January, I will post more info in the next few weeks on where about so if you are in the area you can pop in and have a look . You can also head over to my facebook page silvermeadows and keep up to date with all my news and new pieces of jewellery. Thanks again.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

October work so far

 Here is a few pieces that I made this weekend, these earrings above have 8mm round amber cabochons in bezel settings, I have wrapped fine silver wire to make little vines,
              This large Lapis Lazuli  is 25mm by 18mm, I added a little flower rathen than having this plain.
 Sterling silver cala lily earrings which I have fused 24ct gold leaf in the centre, I oxidized them to highlite the gold leaf.
                                         Hand pierced little flowers with fused 24ct gold leaf.
              This ring is a custom order, I think I will make more to add to my butterfly collection.

I have made a few more pieces today, but it's too dark and no natural daylight to take pics, so I will add them later in the week. Most of these pieces will be getting sent down to Wales as I have an exhibition from November till January in a lovely little gallery, so fingers crossed I sell a few pieces.