Saturday, 30 October 2010


Here is a photo of my 10 year old daughter Robyn having a pose, she loves herself. She acts more like a 20 year than 10 and it will only get worse (ha). Well my crafts fairs where very quite last week, not much sales but lots of good feed back and met loads of lovely people. I have been making more pieces this week which still need to be finshed of but i need to order more sterling silver wire. I went to a craft fair today down in the boarders in Kelso, there was loads of great stalls. I have also decided to buy my family handmade pieces this year for xmas, I bought some pieces today so im very pleased with my purchases. There was a lovely lady there selling her resin jewellery i will defo be buying some pieces from her,(xmas gifts for me) her site is so i will be hinting to my hubby what i want. I have also reduced a few of my pieces on my etsy site so why not pop over to have a look, hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend, i have to remember to change my clocks as we get an extra hour in bed, Yahoo.

Friday, 22 October 2010

etched copper

Here is some more of my etched copper earrings. These are all packed up for my craft fair tomorrow, Im hoping it will be busy and that people are ready to buy some chrimbo prezzies. I have another fair on Sunday then another on the 13th of November, that one is in St Andrews. I got my quote back for the repair on my camera, £170 can believe it, i really want to buy myself a tumbler, pepe disc cutter, and a rolling mill but never getting the chance to save as something always crops up. I started my christmas shopping this week, get a few bits and bobs but still managed to spend loads, im not sure what main prezzies the kids are after they change their minds every 5mins, they better make up their minds soon are they are getting nothing. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Monday, 18 October 2010

More new pieces

I have just added a few more photos to my flickr page, as you can see i have been working on more copper pieces. The bracelet is one of my etched butterflys, i have oxidised this to inhance it more. I have used hand dyed silk ribbon along with silver plated chain a antique copper chain with a few ceramic washers thrown in. The necklace i have used copper and brass which i then cut out a flower shape on one then a randam design on another, i have also made a tree on the last one. I have 4 days holidays so i will be a my bench making more new pieces for my craft fairs this weekend.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Been a busy day

I have finally made my first etched pieces. I have had the solutions for months but i got my finger out today and made a few bits and bobs. Im not happy with the photos as my good camera is getting fixed, hopefully it died on me last week and im not a happy bunny. I will be making a few copper pieces this week as i have 2 craft fairs next weekend so fingers crossed it will go well
I have 4 days holiday this week so there will be no housework done as i will be making loads of new pieces. Hope my hubby does'nt read this as he will say what new about the housework, he was very good today and did some ironing. I think im going to head of to my bed now, night night all.

Sunday, 3 October 2010 This is a link to my new dwanda shop which i have just finally got around to adding a few bits and pieces.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

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more copper pieces

Here is few more of my copper pieces that i made yesterday, I just love copper, most of the pieces that i make myself are in copper, i also love knitsteel she makes the most wonderful pieces ever, i wish i stay near her i would love to have a lesson. Im now going to go and make some more pieces in copper, catch you all later.