Monday, 26 April 2010

More dagenham fordite and danny's football

Here is my ring that i made also using dagenham fordite, this is my first ever ring which i have soldered so i'm quite pleased with, will hopefully add this to my etsy site tomorrow. Here is my lovely son Daniel, he was playing in a cup final tonight for his team (Preston Athletic under 13's) and i'm pleased to say that they won 2-1, so well done to all his team mates, and this sunday if they win their game they will have won the league also, so fingers crossed.


I bought a few pieces of Dagenham fordite, about a month ago and i have been waiting to finally make some pieces so here is the first thing that i made. This is also my first time setting any stones, carbs etc, so i think i did okay, I will hopefully get round to make a chain maybe tomorrow night, I also made a ring wich is also my first rings which i have soldered. I bought a book the other day which i'm desparate to try out a few pieces in, it's called foldforming by charles Lewton-Brian, i will have to buy a few tools, but the pieces look amazing, i love copper so hopefully i will try some pieces, and i will post what ever i make

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Weekend away

Just getting my bag packed, i'm going to Aviemore this weekend which is up the north of Scotland. I'm going with 9 young adults with addition support needs and a few more youth workers, really looking forward to it, we will be doing white water rafting, walking, archery, and maybe a bit sking, we are ment to have snow this weekend so i have packed lots of warm clothes, and i will be leaving my lovely children and gorgeous hubby at home. Hopefully he will have the house all nice and tidy with no ironing for me coming home on monday fingers crossed, have a lovely weekend.x

Monday, 12 April 2010

fimo magnets

Here is some of my little flower magnets which are made out of fimo, i have made a few in different colours, i have just started using fimo for about a month now, i like the fun side of it, like being a kid again, but i do love some beads that are made using fimo, but i'm now where near that stage yet.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

must blog more

What am i like, i really must blog more, i have been so busy working that i have not had much time to make much jewellery. But i have been playing about with polymer clay, i have been making keyrings and they are selling really well, but i'm now making a few bead so i will have to take some photos soon. I finally got my hair cut it has only taken me since september so i went for the chop. I ahve been busy walking as well, my friends and i are doing a 12 mile walk for St coloumbus hospice in june, i also joined the gym today so i think i'm doing okay. hope everyone has had a great weekend, the sun has been shining here long my it continue.