Sunday, 11 April 2010

must blog more

What am i like, i really must blog more, i have been so busy working that i have not had much time to make much jewellery. But i have been playing about with polymer clay, i have been making keyrings and they are selling really well, but i'm now making a few bead so i will have to take some photos soon. I finally got my hair cut it has only taken me since september so i went for the chop. I ahve been busy walking as well, my friends and i are doing a 12 mile walk for St coloumbus hospice in june, i also joined the gym today so i think i'm doing okay. hope everyone has had a great weekend, the sun has been shining here long my it continue.


  1. Good luck with your walking! My Mum worked at St Columba's Hospice for about 15 years before she got fed up of being a nurse and still has friends nursing there, so I know it's a very worthy cause!

  2. I think it is at great cause, my best frind lost her mum nearly 17 years ago, at the age of 41, and she was in this hospice, and i think cancer has touch nearly everyone, being it friends or family.