Thursday, 24 December 2009

honey in the snow

forgot to add this photo of honey my cocker spaniel in the snow she loves it,

I'm back

My my it has been ages, well i hope everyone is all organised for christmas, the kids are high as kites gonna try and get them to bed very soon. I'm now of work for 2 weeks, i have closed my website and i'm now gonna put my jewellery on etsy. I have been very busy this month with craft fairs and commissions for cutomers so i'm very pleased with all that, i now just need to make pieces to stock up again, I have also been writting up some tutorials for the beads and beyond magazine, so watch this space. The kids are also been having loads of fun out in the snow, i hate the stuff myself, give me sunshine any day. Merry christmas and a happy new year to you all have a good one,
Love Eve xx

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Back from my hols

Well i had a fantastic time in Florida, we were in the middle of a heatwave as it is normally in the 70's / mid 80's but we were in 95, which was great. The queues for the rides at the parks where great, only waited 15 mins at the most and others we just walked on. I really loved sea world, we all feed the dolphines (i want one). But back to normal and not long till xmas so i really must get my finger out as it seems like ever since i made any jewellery, so i have been ordering some bits and bobs that i really needed so hopefully by the weekend i will have made some pieces, fingers crosssed. Hope everyone is getting ready for xmas as it's only 9 weeks on friday. (nightmare)

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Yahoo, i finally got a chance to sit down and play about with some beads today, thats after i had watched daniel play ftbl and did some ironing. This gorgeous lampwork beads is by the lovely clare scott, the colours are just stunning, i have used contrasting freshwater pearls, with karen hill silver drum beads and sterling silver spiral twists, I have a silk ribbon necklace to match this bracelet. I really need to order lots of sterling silver wire and findings, but i'm being good as it's less than 3 weks till we go to Florida, mind you i looked at the weather report yesterday and they were having storms, hope it gets better for us going, hope you all had a lovely weekend

Friday, 11 September 2009

Never got any spare time

Well i just never seem to have any spare time at the moment, i'm now working full time plus part time, doing craft fairs, putting on exhibtions, plus trying to get house work done. I really must try and get some jewellery making this weekend, i also have another piece in this months beads and beyond, (will add photo later) as i'm now going to work, and well done to rebecca for making the front page with her gorgeous sparkle earrings, (songbird) will post something else soon. hope everyone has a great weekend. (the sun is shinning)

Sunday, 6 September 2009

St Andrews craft fair

It was an early start yestarday morning, up at 6:30am, i had to drive to St Andrews, which is about 1hour 45mins from home, this is the first time that i have done a craft fair here. To start with it was great my table was just as you came in the door so i had a few sales, then it seemed to go really quiet, but at about 3:30 it picked up again, i had a rush on, so i sold quite a few pieces at the end which i was pleased about. The only thing that i have found with the organisers is that alot of people does not know that the fairs are on, so i feel that they are not promoting them enough, as does the other crafters. Finally got home them had chinese for tea with a couple of glasses of rose wine. My next fair is not till novemeber, but i have a few bits and pieces to keep me going till then, plus my 2 weeks in Florida, 3 1/2 weeks to go yahoo.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

craft fair

Just getting myself ready as i have a craft fair this morning hope it will be busy, but who knows, I will post back later and let you all know, The fair is at Portobello town hall near Edinburgh.

Friday, 14 August 2009


Originally uploaded by Eve Smith
Here is another ring that i have made, for this one i have hammered the ends of the wire out the coiled them in towards each other the slightly twisted them over each other, i have oxidised the finished piece then it was polished up. Fed up with all the rain we have had today, so going to cosy up on the settee and watch tv. hope everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


I have decided to try and make rings, here is my first go, i'm quite pleased with this attempt, i have used a heavy guage sterling silver wire, which i balled the ends then hammered into shape then twisted the front, I then filed away any ruff edges, then the finished piece was oxidised to darken the silver to give it an aged feel. I really want to try more designs but! i want to buy some silver sheet but saving for my holidays which are now only 7 weeks away, so trying to be good, and not buy anymore, beads,. tools, silver, etc.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Made the front page

Yahoo i have made the front page of beads and beyond magazine, this is my first piece that i sent in some i'm really pleased, The gorgeous lampwork beads are by clare scott who makes the most stunning beads, you have to take a look at her website you can find her at, This piece of jewellery is at the magazine still so it will not be for sale until i get it back.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Piccadilly circus

I made this necklace yesterday, it has the same style as my pixie teal necklace, but i decided to make this one with silver findings and chain rather than copper, as i seem to find myself making everything in copper at the mo. I was meant to be doing a craft fair this weekend but it has been canceled due to lack of bookings, so i'm a bit fed up about that, must be that people are still on holiday. I have been getting the kids school clothes ready as it's only another 2 weeks till they go back, but then we have Florida to look forward to in October, i have sill to lose some weight before we go, i always leave things till the last minute.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

better late than never

Well i had'nt relised that it has been ages since i have done anything on my blog, infact i have not made any jewellery for more than a week now, i need some inspiration. I have been networking though, i have joined a group called elli-b which stands for east lothian ladies in business. I'am going to be doing a wedding fair soon, i also have my jewellery in two shops which are called Art matters in Musselburgh which is run by Fiona Robb who is a stunning artist. And the other one is Bass rock framing and gift shop which is in Dunbar and is run by Alisling Taylor . so quite pleased with this hope all goes well. Oh and i was 34 yesterday.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Here is another one of my creations, i have used sterling silver wire which i have spiraled at each end then soldered them together then added a little squiggle at the side and then coiled another piece at the other side, i then soldered three rings at the top so i can add a chain, I am going to list them to my web site this weekend, i have got a few bits and bobs to add so there goes my weekend, have been working nearly full time just now, so the kids are being looked after by my dad, john is working away again this week, he is in London this time,

Monday, 6 July 2009


Wow, here is my first pendant made all by myself, no one to help, quite pleased, i have used 1.5mm sterling silver wire. I made the rings then hammered them and joined them together and added a little squiggle and added a 16" sterling silver chain, I have started another piece but will finsh it of tomorrow as it is to late to start hammering, hope everyone had a great weekend and for all of you that where at craft fairs hope you sold loads, x

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Eternal beauty

Mmm are'nt these lampwork beads gorgeous, got them from the lovely Clare Scott, i have teamed these up with a karen hill tribe silver flower pendant and karen hill snowflake beads with freshwater pearls and swarovski crystals, perfect colours for the summer, also have made earrings to match just check out my flickr page

new hair cut

Got my hair cut today, it has'nt been cut sice christmas, so my bob style has gone and went for a more choppy layered look again, I hate getting my photo taken but i thought it gives everyone a chance to put a face to a name, think we should all do this as i like to be nosy (ha)

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hair slide

Here is another piece to add to my bridal range, I have also made another wand this time i have made a butterfly, these pieces can be made with any type and any colour of pearls/crystals etc, my website is closed just now having a revamp. been a busy week, have been working nearly all week at my day job and a few nights with the youths, plus been at work all day today just finished at 7pm so my feet ache. Kids are now off school for 7 weeks, i know they will drive me mad but i'm sure i'll cope some how, just hope the weather gets better as it has been raining all weekend long

Monday, 15 June 2009

wire flower wand

This is a new range that I'm going to try out, wire work wands, This is the first one that i have made, so hoping to do more wire designs, Hopefully people will like them. I have made these really for little flower girls in mind, so colours of ribbons and pearls, crystals can be to suit their dresses.

Friday, 12 June 2009

wire work flower

I have been playing with some wire today, i have a idea what i'm going to do with this flower, but will have to get the rest of the materials first. I have been very lazy this week and not been doing much jewellery making, so i will ahve to get my mind working. Was at Robyn's ballet show last night, she was great, big smiles from her as she danced around the stage. My husband is playing football tonight with the other dads from danny's football team, the are up agaist other dads from the other age groups, this should be a laugh, as long has i don't have to revive him he should be okay,(ha)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Danny's football

Was a mad rush yesterday, Robyn was dancing last night in her 1st apperance of her show, Daniel had to be at a football match at the same time, plus they were both finishing at the same time, managed to get one of the other mums to bring Robyn home. Well Daniel's team won 7-5 he was captian so was really pleased to lift the trophy, his coach bought a bottle of champange and then sprayed it all over them when they lifted the trophy, so they were all happy, and Robyn had a great time doing her show, we are all going on thursday night to see her, she loves being on stage, she does not take that from me or my hubby. (daniel with the trophy in the back yard)

Monday, 8 June 2009

Monday again

The weeks just seem to go soo fast just now, I have had a busy weekend, Daniel had a football tournament on saturday, was there from 9am till 3pm, the weather was horrible, raining one minute sunning the next, well anyway his team came second so it was okay, today i was of work ,the kids had another school in service day so we went to Dunbar splash pool, with wave machines and the flumes, so a good day was had by all, I was working tonight with the youths, we had a guy in playing the drums, so we had fun playing them, lots of noise, I look after young adults with disablities, from the age of 15-25, it is a great job, Tomorrow Daniel has another football match and Robyn is in a dance show, we are all going to see her dance on thursday night looking forward to that, hope everyone has had a fab weekend.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Robyn and Honey (at the beach)

here they are all wet and covered in sand,

Afternoon at the beach

Originally uploaded by Eve Smith
This is a photo of the beach just down the road from where i live, this is Longniddry beach, john, robyn honey(the dog) and myself, went down on friday afternoon, the weather has been gorgeous here, I think it has been like this every where, make the most of it while we can, any way Robyn and Honey had a great time running in and out of the water. Honey then decided to start to dig, well she was covered in sand, so she was straight in the bath when we got back home, hope you all have been having a fab time,

Thursday, 28 May 2009

My day with Jo Tinley

Flew down to Sothhampton today to days silversmithing with Jo from Daisychaindesign, I would like to thank Jo as i had a fab day, I really enjoyed it, would love to have stayed for longer, i made this bracelet and pendant, i designed these myself, I used copper for both with sterling silver added into the two pieces. I cut the discs, which where then hammered then doomed, for the chain i used sterling silver which i coiled, then it was cut then soldered, then hammered to give a slight textured look. The pendant i made this little squiggle from sterling silver which was then soldered onto the pendant. Thanks Jo for a fantastic day, you are a excellent teacher,

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

cool water bracelet

I started to make these bracelets last year, they always sell really well, for this one i have used purple wire, along with A grade freshwater pearls and swarovski crystals, these pearls have a few different colour tones in them, they have greens/ blues and purples, very nice. will be adding this to the website soon,

commission for Jackie

I have made this for my friend jackie, she loves pink. It is for sunday as her daughter is having her communion, this is the one that i made the tiara for, hope the weather will be fine as we are having a bar-b-que after wards.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Out shopping

I took my mum out to the shops today, and robyn, then we had lunch, it was lovely, left john and daniel at home playing with their playstations, (boys and their toys) eh, bought a new jumper, well my mum bought me it (thanks mum), Was wanting to get out into the garden today but the weather is so dull and windy, so ironing it is. Hope everyone has a fab weekend, and all you lucky people going to fairs, mind and sell loads and not to spend to much, i really need to keep that in mind for myself, take care all, love evex

Thursday, 21 May 2009


I have been tagged by Lesley at coburgh crafts i can i think of 8 things

8 things Iam looking forward to...

1) We are going to Florida in October, first time so we can't wait,
2) My husband and I have a whole week of work next week so that should be nice.
3) Flying down to jo's in Southhampton next thursday to do a day of silversmithing really looking forward to that.
4) It's my darling hubby's birthday tomorrow he is 37. he's older than me Ha
5) My daughters dance show which is in a few weeks, i love it, she makes me soo proud.
6) Going to stobo castle in peebles (borders) health spa, for a luxury spa day, was a gift from my hubby, he is good to me, this will be my 3rd time, it is heaven.
7) My friday night chinese and a bottle of rose wine, Ha
8) To See my bracelet that i made feature in a new book called funky beads.

8 things i did yesterday..
1) Got the kids up for school, then went to work
2) got home from work then took the dog out for a walk
3) caught up on some jewellery making as i had not done any for a few days
4) did a little house work not on a big fan on that, my hubby is not to bad,
5) went up to my mums, my mum is in a wheelchair so i help with looking after her, had a chat with her for a while .
6) Looked at the computer (flickr) what am i like !
7) took some photos to add to my flickr site
8) had a shower then went to bed

8 things i wish i could do...

1) I used to do gymnastics when i was young, but iam not that flexiable now so i still wish i could do a back flip
2) I would love to make my own beads, (lampwork) as these are my fav.
3) I would love to be a kid again just for a day, It was magic when i was kid
4) To get married again (to my hubby) it was one of the best days of my life but it went so fast.
5) To lose weight and actually keep it of (ha)
6) Win the lottery that would be fab
7) I have always wanted to sky dive so one day i really hope to do that.
8) spell better !!!! because my husband has to proof read all my blogs !!!!

8 shows i watch

1) ghost whisperer
2) prison break (it's finished now )
3) Eastenders
4) deal or no deal
5) the mentalist
6) top gear
7) emmerdale (now and again)
8) river city

hope you know a little bit about me now, i have still to get used to this so i'am not sure who has been tagged you can take the tag if you want just list your 8 things

Monday, 18 May 2009


I finally managed to add a few things to the website last night, but i really want to revamp the whole lot, but will have to get hubby to that as i'am hopeless. We are both of next week so might get some time then, can't wait till next thursday as i'm of to southhampton to jo's @ dasiychain designs, doing a days silversmithing with her, really excited about that. Hope everyone had a great weekend, Evex

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Up date wedsite

I really wanted to up date my website today, but i have never had any time yet, my son Daniel had football first thing, then Robyn had to get photos taken for her ballet, then big and i mean big pile of ironing to do, then tea, so my website will have to wait another day. I really have been neglecting it for ages, so i must find time.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

French Riviera

Hi everyone, I have made a few pairs of earrings today, and i'am just getting used to blogging, just set it up today, love these earrings, the lampwork beads are by clare scott, still to list them to my web site, out tonight so hopfully get round to it tomorrow,

starting out

just starting out at this , so this is a bit of a wobbly first attempt to see if all is operating ok !!!!