Thursday, 21 May 2009


I have been tagged by Lesley at coburgh crafts i can i think of 8 things

8 things Iam looking forward to...

1) We are going to Florida in October, first time so we can't wait,
2) My husband and I have a whole week of work next week so that should be nice.
3) Flying down to jo's in Southhampton next thursday to do a day of silversmithing really looking forward to that.
4) It's my darling hubby's birthday tomorrow he is 37. he's older than me Ha
5) My daughters dance show which is in a few weeks, i love it, she makes me soo proud.
6) Going to stobo castle in peebles (borders) health spa, for a luxury spa day, was a gift from my hubby, he is good to me, this will be my 3rd time, it is heaven.
7) My friday night chinese and a bottle of rose wine, Ha
8) To See my bracelet that i made feature in a new book called funky beads.

8 things i did yesterday..
1) Got the kids up for school, then went to work
2) got home from work then took the dog out for a walk
3) caught up on some jewellery making as i had not done any for a few days
4) did a little house work not on a big fan on that, my hubby is not to bad,
5) went up to my mums, my mum is in a wheelchair so i help with looking after her, had a chat with her for a while .
6) Looked at the computer (flickr) what am i like !
7) took some photos to add to my flickr site
8) had a shower then went to bed

8 things i wish i could do...

1) I used to do gymnastics when i was young, but iam not that flexiable now so i still wish i could do a back flip
2) I would love to make my own beads, (lampwork) as these are my fav.
3) I would love to be a kid again just for a day, It was magic when i was kid
4) To get married again (to my hubby) it was one of the best days of my life but it went so fast.
5) To lose weight and actually keep it of (ha)
6) Win the lottery that would be fab
7) I have always wanted to sky dive so one day i really hope to do that.
8) spell better !!!! because my husband has to proof read all my blogs !!!!

8 shows i watch

1) ghost whisperer
2) prison break (it's finished now )
3) Eastenders
4) deal or no deal
5) the mentalist
6) top gear
7) emmerdale (now and again)
8) river city

hope you know a little bit about me now, i have still to get used to this so i'am not sure who has been tagged you can take the tag if you want just list your 8 things


  1. What a lot you have to look forward to, Eve! Have a super time at all those... Enjoy your Chinese tonight - we always have Chinese and wine on a Friday night too. Yummmmmmmmm!

  2. Have fun silversmithing with Jo. I have had a ew lessons up here and it's great fun - very theraputic.