Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Still here

It has been ages since my last blog, To tell the truth i have'nt been making many pieces, but hopefully i will be making loads more, here is a few bits that i have just finshed. The ring that i have made was inspired by tomi from metalriot, i just love here pieces, the bracelet was oxidised but i then decided to polish it so it's all shinny now. My news for 2011 is that i have enrolled myself on to a 10 week silversmithing course on a tuesday night which i can't wait to get started, and in the same place as my course i will be hiring my own workbench, which i have full use of all the tools which i can't wait to get my hands on. I hope everyone has had a great christmas, mine was good, kids where pleased with all their gifts. I have still to get my camera fixed but hopefully try and save up seeing as christmas is over, hence why my pics are rubbish. Well all the best for 2011 when it comes.x

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

These photos are not that great but still not got my camera fixed yet, to busy buying xmas gifts, As you can see we have snow, and i hate it, finally managed to get the car out our street thanks to a very nice farmer for digging us out with his tractor. The kids love the snow as does my dog, but i like it from indoors. I have had a few craft fairs this month have done okay but notice a big difference from last year, people are not spending as much. I have another this weekend but im working so i will be putting my lovely husband in charge. Hope everyone is nearly ready for xmas, i really can't believe it's the 1st of December tomorrow where has this year gone? the kids are wanting the tree up but making them wait another week, but in saying that there is 3 people in my street already have all their decorations up thats far to early. Im away now to wrap some of my pressies, thats another thing i don't like.

Saturday, 30 October 2010


Here is a photo of my 10 year old daughter Robyn having a pose, she loves herself. She acts more like a 20 year than 10 and it will only get worse (ha). Well my crafts fairs where very quite last week, not much sales but lots of good feed back and met loads of lovely people. I have been making more pieces this week which still need to be finshed of but i need to order more sterling silver wire. I went to a craft fair today down in the boarders in Kelso, there was loads of great stalls. I have also decided to buy my family handmade pieces this year for xmas, I bought some pieces today so im very pleased with my purchases. There was a lovely lady there selling her resin jewellery i will defo be buying some pieces from her,(xmas gifts for me) her site is so i will be hinting to my hubby what i want. I have also reduced a few of my pieces on my etsy site so why not pop over to have a look, hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend, i have to remember to change my clocks as we get an extra hour in bed, Yahoo.

Friday, 22 October 2010

etched copper

Here is some more of my etched copper earrings. These are all packed up for my craft fair tomorrow, Im hoping it will be busy and that people are ready to buy some chrimbo prezzies. I have another fair on Sunday then another on the 13th of November, that one is in St Andrews. I got my quote back for the repair on my camera, £170 can believe it, i really want to buy myself a tumbler, pepe disc cutter, and a rolling mill but never getting the chance to save as something always crops up. I started my christmas shopping this week, get a few bits and bobs but still managed to spend loads, im not sure what main prezzies the kids are after they change their minds every 5mins, they better make up their minds soon are they are getting nothing. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Monday, 18 October 2010

More new pieces

I have just added a few more photos to my flickr page, as you can see i have been working on more copper pieces. The bracelet is one of my etched butterflys, i have oxidised this to inhance it more. I have used hand dyed silk ribbon along with silver plated chain a antique copper chain with a few ceramic washers thrown in. The necklace i have used copper and brass which i then cut out a flower shape on one then a randam design on another, i have also made a tree on the last one. I have 4 days holidays so i will be a my bench making more new pieces for my craft fairs this weekend.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Been a busy day

I have finally made my first etched pieces. I have had the solutions for months but i got my finger out today and made a few bits and bobs. Im not happy with the photos as my good camera is getting fixed, hopefully it died on me last week and im not a happy bunny. I will be making a few copper pieces this week as i have 2 craft fairs next weekend so fingers crossed it will go well
I have 4 days holiday this week so there will be no housework done as i will be making loads of new pieces. Hope my hubby does'nt read this as he will say what new about the housework, he was very good today and did some ironing. I think im going to head of to my bed now, night night all.

Sunday, 3 October 2010 This is a link to my new dwanda shop which i have just finally got around to adding a few bits and pieces.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

etsy metal: EtsyMetal's 4th Anniversary!!! - Giveaways and Sal...

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more copper pieces

Here is few more of my copper pieces that i made yesterday, I just love copper, most of the pieces that i make myself are in copper, i also love knitsteel she makes the most wonderful pieces ever, i wish i stay near her i would love to have a lesson. Im now going to go and make some more pieces in copper, catch you all later.

Thursday, 30 September 2010


I have been hammering some copper today, not really sure hat i had in mind i just let the hammer do the work. I used a blow torch to add patina to the finshed piece, hopefilly i will make a few pieces of jewellery this weekend out of copper, My copper pieces seem to go really well at the craft fairs. I had a good day on sunday selling my enameled beads, i have added a few beads and headpins to my etsy site, feel free to have a look. This week has just flown by and i'm glad i could do with a long lie in bed, hope everyone has a great weekend when i comes, im off now to go and watch private practise, i just love that programme.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Love My Art Jewelry: LMAJ MONDAY GIVEAWAY...

Love My Art Jewelry: LMAJ MONDAY GIVEAWAY...: "Welcome to Love My Art Jewelry, a new blog, a new website and a new concept in your jewelry designs. During the week we will go into a litt..."

Friday, 17 September 2010

New colours

Well i got my new colours of enamel in the post today and i just could'nt wait to try them out. I just love the green colour, thanks again Barbara Lewis. I have also been making a few bits and bobs today for my craft fair tomorrow in St Andrews, fingers crossed it will be busy, hope everyone has a good weekend i'm going to go to bed soon as i have an early start tomorrow. night all

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Burning Desire

Here is a necklace that i have quickly put together today, I have used copper pipe which i have hand sawn all these components from, then i used 80 mesh thomson enamels, i have linked some together using jumprings then others using wire that i have enameled the tips. I have still been busy making more torch fired enameled beads for my fair 2 weeks today, fingers crossed that i sell some. I will also be taking all my beads taht are on my etsy site, so the site will be closed that day in case i sell any of the sets listed so if you fancy a set be quick as the might not be there for long. well i better get myself of to bed now it's been a busy weekend night all,x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Autumn flare

I just seem to be chasing my tail all the time, with trying to work full and part time, plus trying to make beads for my bead fair on the 26th of this month and making more pieces of jewellery for my fair in St Andrews next weekend, but i did manage to make this piece, it measures about 3", i have made this using copper pipe, then enameled this using 80 mesh thomson enamels, i Have still to add ribbon, hopefully i will get this done sometime soon. I had a fab time in London at the weekend, never got to do much sight seeing, but i still had a great time at the drum festival with the young chap that i was looking after, next time i go hopefully i might take my hubby you never know. Well i better get making more beads.

Sunday, 29 August 2010


Here is a pair of earrings that i have just made using copper butterflies that i have torch fired, i have made loads more in loads of different colours. I will be selling these at the bead fair in Edinburgh on the 26th September at the corn exchange, These just give you an example of what you can make. I will also be at St Andrews on the 18th, i will be selling my jewellery on that day, if you are in the area please feel free to pop by and say hi. Well it it also nearly autumn, mind you it has felt like this for a while now seeing as the weather here has been horrible not much sunshine. Hope everyone has had a great weekend, i'm off to London next week and i can't wait. better go now and try and get more pieces made.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


I bought this gorgeous lampwork focal a few weeks ago from mandy Mcgregor, i have teamed this up using hand dyed silk ribbon, hopefully i will have this on sale on etsy tomorrow night. I have also been very busy making loads of my torch fired enamel beads as i'm doing as bead fair in Edinburgh at the corn exchange on the 26th September, so if you are in the area pop by and say hi. Hope everyone has had a great week. My kids are now back at school thats the summer holidays over with well we never had much of a summer as the sun did'nt come out to play very often, Daniel is now in 2nd year at high school and Robyn in now in p6, where has the years gone. Please feel free to have a look at more of my pieces that i have added o my fickr site just hit the link at the side thanks again.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Earth Wind And Fire

Well the sun was shinning today and i was indoors all day making more torch fired enamel beads and this ring. I have used a rough cut fire opal, I oxidised this to give the finished piece a more organic look. I also had a great day out with my lovely kids, hubby and my little dog yesterday up in Edinburgh, We sat in princess street gardens eating crepes, yum yum. It is really busy up in Edinburgh at the moment as the festival is on. I also had a look around all the craft stalls, i was very good only bought a few beads. Well i'm now of to bed hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Friday, 13 August 2010

More of my torch fired enamel beads

Well it's the weekend again. I have been away all week with my work up at Aviemore with the youths, we had a great time, the weather could have been better but we still had a good time all the same. I got some new colours of enamels so i have been making more beads. I am not listing these on etsy as i have a bead fair in Edinburgh on the 26th september at the corn exchange so i'm making loads of these beads to sell, but if you fancy any of these colours i will be happy to make a set for you. My hubby and the kids are going into Edinburgh tomorrow to see whats happening in the festival, there is always plenty goings on. hope everyone has a fab weekend.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

And the winners are

I have done the draw for my torch fired enamels beads and the 2 winners are Moonlight fantaseas, and Fairy Girly. Thanks fo all the posts and blogs, and sorry to all who never won but i will be doing another giveaway so just keep posted. Could the two winners send me their details so i could get the beads sent out . Thanks again, my e-mail address is

Saturday, 7 August 2010

To have and to hold

Well thats my holidays over with back to work on Monday morning, I'm away all week with my work. We are away to Aviemore doing all different activities for the week, should be fun. I have been working on a few projects for the beads and beyond magazine so i just need to get them in the post. I have also finshed this sterling silver ring, the flower is quite large, i oxidised the finshed piece to give it these stunning blue tones. I also received more enamel in the post this morning so i will be making a few more beads. Remeber to entre my my free qive away on my torch fired beads, the draw will be made tomorrow you have to be in it to win it.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Giveaway blogs

I have just stumbled across this giveawayscot from another blogger, It seems really good so i though i would let you all know about it. Just follow the link and see what other people are giving away. I will also be adding my giveaway to their site very soon, hurry up if you are still to enter it, this will close on sunday 8th August.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

kids at the beach

Here is a photo of my two wonderful children, well sometimes they are wonderful, this was taking at Weston super mare down in sommerset England. My husband and I have are still on holiday this week so we are taking them to the splash pool today then the funfair tomorrow, hope they behave. Remember my free giveaway for my torch fired enamel beads they will be on my previous post if you want to enter. thanks again

Monday, 2 August 2010

Free giveaway

Since i am feeling in a holiday mood and following the recent sucess of my new torch fired enamel beads i have decided to have a bit of a giveaway. To enter and have a chance to win one of the two sets above just do one of the following.
1) follow my blog
2) post a comment
3) repost my blog on your blog
The draw will be on Sunday 8th August and the winners will recieve their beads that week, good luck. I have a few sets of these available on my etsy site on

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Torch fired enamel beads

Well We are just back from our week away down to my aunts in Nailsea Nr Bristol in sommerset, we went to visit some lovely places, Bath is just gorgeous and yes i did buy beads at Bijoux Beads i normally order on line but it was just great to see all their stunning beads in the flesh, I did also look for a little shop in Bath whos blog i follow Purple sparkle crafts but we walked for miles and never did find it so i think i will have to go on-line to buy a few of their products. I went to visit Lesley Gleeson at Portishead flower show she was selling her gorgeous jewellery and it was so lovely to finally meet her in person. I have just lisited sll these gorgeous sets of torch fired enamel beads to my etsy shop, but keep posted i will be having a give away in the next few days of some sets of torch fired beads. so do please pop back for more details.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Te Amo

I have had a great day today, i turned 35 today, i got loads of cards, wine, flowers, chocs, and money. I also recieved loads of happy birthdays from all my friends on facebook, but tomorrow night i'm off out with my friends for cocktails, chinese and more booze. I made this bracelet and i just love the colour combo, i used up some odd beads that i have had for a while, I will hopefully add this to etsy tomorrow before i go out on the town with my friends. I'm also of on holiday now as of tomorrow for two whole weeks, i'm heading down to Nailsea nr Bristol to visit my aunt for a week so looking forward to that. Hope you all have a fabby weekend.x

Sunday, 18 July 2010

In a spin

Well my craft fair at St Andrews went quite well yesterday, I sold quite a few pieces, and most of them where my copper pieces, which i'am pleased about, i also sold a few of my enamel bead sets to a lovely lady from the states. I felt sorry for the lovely lady next to me who never had any sales and the same for the man over from me sold nothing either, I think all the people where at the golf watching the open. I have just made this piece today just copper which i cut into stripes twisted them and finally enameled them. I have one more week at work them off for two weeks, the first week i'm of to Nailsea just near Bristol to stay with my aunt for a week hope the sun will shine as it's been raining here for the past week and a half. Well hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, i'm of to my bed now night all.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Green with Envy

I have just made this bracelet along with a few more pieces and more torch fired enamel beads, trying to get some more pieces made for saturday for St Andrews craft fair. I also got some more busts delivery today along with my new cube display, i have left it in the box for my hubby to make up when he comes home on Friday night, and hopefully my new business cards will come tomorrow from Moo. i just love their cards great quality, will post new pics when they come. I have also been to my fitness class tonight Zumba i love it, it's sort of dance and aerobics put together. well i'm now of to my bed night all.

Friday, 9 July 2010

torched fired enamel beads

Here is more of my torch fired enamel beads, I just love making these at the moment, this set in now on sale at my etsy shop, along with more new sets. I am going to try and get myself organised tomorrow as i'm at St Andrews next saturday from 10am till 4pm doing my first craft fair of the year. I also need to sort pieces out to take to a shop which is going to stock some of my pieces. I have also just ordered some more business cards from Moo, i love their cards, great quality. I have also got another tutorial in this months Beads and Beyond magazine and i got a mention from a lovely lady called Rebecca Anderson, she also makes jewellery and was featured in that copy also, if you get the chance check out her blog on she is a very talented young lady. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, have fun.

Monday, 5 July 2010


Here is a set of my torch fired enamel beads, i am just going to list this set plus another 4 sets on my etsy site tonight please feel free to have a look. I am awaiting more enamel so i will be making more in a few different colours, I hope everyone has had a fabby weekend, and i hope everyone had a great 4th of July, i bet you all had a great time, i wish i was over in the states joining in the celebrations. I have been busy this weekend also, i had my son Dainels ftbl presentation, which was a really good night, then i took the kids to see Eclipse, the guys are just drop dead sexy in that film, know i'm alot older but i can still drool,x

Friday, 18 June 2010

Clear skies

here is another one of my creations using the torch fired beads that i made, i have a few more pieces on my bench to finsh, hopefully i will get some time tomorrow after my work and after i watch my gorgeous daughter dance in her concert. I'm feeling ill at the mo, i have the cold once again, this is the third time in two months, think i will get to bed sone, I'am hoping to get this piece listed onto my esty site tomorrow as well, thanks for looking, hope everyone has a great weekend, enjoy,x

Monday, 14 June 2010

enameled beads

More enameled beads, i'm loving amking these at the moment, but i need to buy more colours, i'm running low already. I did manage to burn my finger yesterday, but it's not to bad. Hope everyone has had a great weekend, i was working, but i did manage to visit a craft fair, i always love to see what others are selling, i did see some gorgeous glass ware, i'm going to go on-line to their shop and maybe treat myself to a lovely glass bowl that was for sale. I have a busy week ahead, my gorgeous daughter has her ballet concert this week, i just love watching her on stage, well i'm now of to the land of nod, will hopefully post again soon.x

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ivory Blues

yahoo finally got round to trying enamelling, i had the wrong gas to start with but Barbara put me on the right path, i have also made a necklace, will post the photo soon, or check out my flickr to see it, I really need to be getting more colours now, as i did'nt want to get to many in case i was really rubbish, i also need to get some thin mandrels that fit into the tiny holes on the filligree balls, will hopefuuly be making a few more pieces over the next few days, fingers crossed i will find the time.

Sponsored walk

Well i did my sponsor walk today 12 mile i did it in 2hrs 50 mins, all my sponsor money is going to St Columbas hospice, well done to everyone who took part and to all their charity's, It was pouring a rain but a least we kept cool, after a scorching day yesterday when i got sunburt having been out all day watching my son playing in his ftball tournament, so pleased his team won, well done danny. Hope everyone has a had a great weekend,x

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

More new pieces

Finally, i got some time to make a few pieces, in this photo, i have used a large lampwork focal made by clare scott, she is a wonderful lampwork artist, i have used a heavy gauage wire in sterling silver, then the final piece is on hand dyed silk ribbon. Hopefully i will have this piece for sale on my etsy site in the few days. I have had a great weekend, the weather has been beautiful, had a BBQ with my lovely family for my hubby's b-day, but now the weather is horrible, thunder and lighten, hopefully it will get better at the weekend again,

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Summer meadows, (necklace)

Better late than never i suppose,I know that i'm hopless at blogging. I bought these stunning lampwork beads from Clare Scott, she is one of my fav lampwork artists, I have made this necklace using just a few beads from the set, i have teamed it up with beautiful hand dyed silk from Diane Turton from sowZere. I have also made a pair of earrings and a lovely bracelet to finsh this set of, hopefully i will get round to adding this to etsy tomorrow, thats after i go to the gym and maybe do a little ironing, or i might just hint to my lovely hubby that he might like to do some ironing for me,

Monday, 26 April 2010

More dagenham fordite and danny's football

Here is my ring that i made also using dagenham fordite, this is my first ever ring which i have soldered so i'm quite pleased with, will hopefully add this to my etsy site tomorrow. Here is my lovely son Daniel, he was playing in a cup final tonight for his team (Preston Athletic under 13's) and i'm pleased to say that they won 2-1, so well done to all his team mates, and this sunday if they win their game they will have won the league also, so fingers crossed.


I bought a few pieces of Dagenham fordite, about a month ago and i have been waiting to finally make some pieces so here is the first thing that i made. This is also my first time setting any stones, carbs etc, so i think i did okay, I will hopefully get round to make a chain maybe tomorrow night, I also made a ring wich is also my first rings which i have soldered. I bought a book the other day which i'm desparate to try out a few pieces in, it's called foldforming by charles Lewton-Brian, i will have to buy a few tools, but the pieces look amazing, i love copper so hopefully i will try some pieces, and i will post what ever i make

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Weekend away

Just getting my bag packed, i'm going to Aviemore this weekend which is up the north of Scotland. I'm going with 9 young adults with addition support needs and a few more youth workers, really looking forward to it, we will be doing white water rafting, walking, archery, and maybe a bit sking, we are ment to have snow this weekend so i have packed lots of warm clothes, and i will be leaving my lovely children and gorgeous hubby at home. Hopefully he will have the house all nice and tidy with no ironing for me coming home on monday fingers crossed, have a lovely weekend.x

Monday, 12 April 2010

fimo magnets

Here is some of my little flower magnets which are made out of fimo, i have made a few in different colours, i have just started using fimo for about a month now, i like the fun side of it, like being a kid again, but i do love some beads that are made using fimo, but i'm now where near that stage yet.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

must blog more

What am i like, i really must blog more, i have been so busy working that i have not had much time to make much jewellery. But i have been playing about with polymer clay, i have been making keyrings and they are selling really well, but i'm now making a few bead so i will have to take some photos soon. I finally got my hair cut it has only taken me since september so i went for the chop. I ahve been busy walking as well, my friends and i are doing a 12 mile walk for St coloumbus hospice in june, i also joined the gym today so i think i'm doing okay. hope everyone has had a great weekend, the sun has been shining here long my it continue.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fushia Frenzy

Here is one of the beads that i bought at the Perth bead fair on sunday. this is made by a lovely lampwork artist called Min Fidler. I just love the colours that in this, and i'm not a pink or red person, but i just love this, i had hand dyed silk ribbon that i bought from diane turton and these are just perfect together, I did buy some other lampwork beads from moogin (mindy macgregor) i will be hopefully getting round to be doing something with them soon, i also bought quite a few ceramic beads in bright colours, would loved to have bought loads more but i was being good. i will be putting this up for sale on my etsy site in the next few days.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Oceanic drifts

I know i said i would blog more so i thought i better get my finger out, Seeing as the weather is cold and horrible outside, i thought i would make some jewellery in summery colours, and here is the first piece. I have used chrysotine A + grade semi precious beads with aquamarines, and the lampwork bead in the centre is made by Clare Scott.
I also bought a pasta maker today, not to make pasta with but to roll out my new creations in fimo, i have an order of 120 keyrings, i will post photos as and when they are made.
I also treated myself to a new phone, i have the new blackberry storm 2 which looks fab. and i will use this to blog more (ha),
so glad it's nearly the weekend, we are going out with the kids on saturday for Robyns 10th birthday, off to the cinema to watch Avatar then for a chinese, can't wait.

Sunday, 14 February 2010


I know i said i would blog more but! i just never have a minute these days, I have added this onto my flickr page today, finally finished, it has been on my work bench for weeks, so i thought i better get it finshed and photographed today. I have made more of my little flowers, using copper pipe, the centre flower is sterling silver, i have oxidised parts of the flowers then lightly polished parts, i will be adding this to my etsy site hopefully tomorrow, hope everyone had a lovely valentines day, and that your partners where good to you all?

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Water lily necklace

I made this necklace back in December and i sent in the tutoral to the beads and beyond magazine, you can catch this in this months issue which is out next thursday 11th Febuary, on page 22, I have made the copper flower in the centre using copper pipe, the beads are from bijoux beads, one of my favourite online shops, and the gorgeous ribbon is from Diane Turton from sowZeredesigns, I'am really pleased with the comment from the Editor of the magazine (Michelle Powell) quote "I gauge my love for our projects, by how soon i grab my tools and want to give that particular technique or design a try, This time Eve Smith has inspired me to get some metal and saw away. I hope she gives this a try and lots more as well.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

New on Etsy

Why do the weekends go that fast? well i actually managed to make a few pieces off jewellery which are now on sale in my etsy shop, hope you like. I got my order off greek ceramic washers from beadsite, so pleased with them they are just gorgeous, i'm now needed to place an order for silver wire, better get ordered tomorrow. Was standing in the cold and rain this morning watching my lovely son playing football, thankfully they won but! it did go into extra time, so they eventually won 4-2 well done Daniel. Hope everyone had a fab weekend, i'm off to bed now.x

I was given this sunshine award by the lovely Lesley from Lesley's jewellery blog, thanks again
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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Abstract Twist

I have been playing with copper pipe again today, I have made this piece in the photo, i really need to get protectors for my finger tips, with all the sanding i will have to finger prints left.(ha) I have never left the house today as it's sooo cold outside, i have the heating on nearly 24/7 at the moment, really wish this snow would go away but! it is saying we are to get more on Monday and Tuesday. I have been adding some of my pieces to Etsy as well, so fingers crossed, still to get some fairs booked for this year so i better get moving. My diet is so so, i have done a few sit up well 100 today that is okay i suppose, but i did cheat and i have had 2 glasses of wine, start on Monday i promise. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.