Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sponsored walk

Well i did my sponsor walk today 12 mile i did it in 2hrs 50 mins, all my sponsor money is going to St Columbas hospice, well done to everyone who took part and to all their charity's, It was pouring a rain but a least we kept cool, after a scorching day yesterday when i got sunburt having been out all day watching my son playing in his ftball tournament, so pleased his team won, well done danny. Hope everyone has a had a great weekend,x


  1. Hi Eve, thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I haven't been to your site before but I really like your jewelry and I am very happy I met somebody else from Europe - I really only know a few people (mainly through the bead soup). Congratulations on your walk.

  2. awe thanks Nicki i like checking out everyones blog, but i forget to blog myself, must try harder, thanks for the lovely comments as well about my jewellery, there is so much i want to try, but i will get there.

  3. Congratulations Eve! My Mum was a staff nurse at St Columba's for years so I was so pleased to hear that you were raising money for them. Love your enamelling! Stunning results.