Friday, 17 September 2010

New colours

Well i got my new colours of enamel in the post today and i just could'nt wait to try them out. I just love the green colour, thanks again Barbara Lewis. I have also been making a few bits and bobs today for my craft fair tomorrow in St Andrews, fingers crossed it will be busy, hope everyone has a good weekend i'm going to go to bed soon as i have an early start tomorrow. night all


  1. Nicely done! I can't wait to take my second class with Barbara next month! I've bought a bunch of enamels from her already in eager anticipation!

  2. Very nice colors. I noticed you on my blog so I signed up to follow you. My grandfather was born in Edinburgh. What a small world it is today on the internet we can talk to someone anywhere- it continually astounds me. I like your unique style. About the weather, I spent 13 years in the Seattel WA area where the weather is just like yours so I never complain about sunshine just heat. Hope you do really well at the Craft Fair!! Heather from My Muse

  3. Gorgeous beads - Barbara is amazing. Hope the show went well.