Tuesday, 30 November 2010

These photos are not that great but still not got my camera fixed yet, to busy buying xmas gifts, As you can see we have snow, and i hate it, finally managed to get the car out our street thanks to a very nice farmer for digging us out with his tractor. The kids love the snow as does my dog, but i like it from indoors. I have had a few craft fairs this month have done okay but notice a big difference from last year, people are not spending as much. I have another this weekend but im working so i will be putting my lovely husband in charge. Hope everyone is nearly ready for xmas, i really can't believe it's the 1st of December tomorrow where has this year gone? the kids are wanting the tree up but making them wait another week, but in saying that there is 3 people in my street already have all their decorations up thats far to early. Im away now to wrap some of my pressies, thats another thing i don't like.

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