Friday, 13 August 2010

More of my torch fired enamel beads

Well it's the weekend again. I have been away all week with my work up at Aviemore with the youths, we had a great time, the weather could have been better but we still had a good time all the same. I got some new colours of enamels so i have been making more beads. I am not listing these on etsy as i have a bead fair in Edinburgh on the 26th september at the corn exchange so i'm making loads of these beads to sell, but if you fancy any of these colours i will be happy to make a set for you. My hubby and the kids are going into Edinburgh tomorrow to see whats happening in the festival, there is always plenty goings on. hope everyone has a fab weekend.


  1. Love the colors - pink and purple are one of my favs right now!