Sunday, 23 January 2011

Torch fired enameled butterflies
These have been featured in this months issue of Beads and beyond magazine. Thanks to the lovely Rebecca Anderson, who made a stunning necklace along with earrings and a ring, using my butterflies. These sets are avalible on my etsy site at I have already sold all the other sets that where listed the other day so i had to make a few more sets. Still not the best of pictures, due to the fact that my camera is still to be fixed, the man at the shop has had it for 3 weeks and still not looked at it yet. I have started my new silversmithing course, and have already spent £100 on a few pieces of silver and i mean a few, seeing as the price is just really expensive, but i have another list that i want so sweet talking my hubby tonight so i can order £200 worth, i better be nice to him. Well hope to add more photos to my flickr this week of some more pieces that i have made, as i have a craft fair this saturday, not hoping for much but you never know. Nite all have a great week.x

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Some new pieces

I know it's been ages since i last blogged, i must try harder. Well i have now been working in my new workshop, which i love, it's so much better when you have all the tools that you need, it makes life so much easier also. I have added a few pics of some of my new pieces, I have still to finsh of the pendants, but i only take some bits and bobs up with me, as if it was to take all my beads, chain etc there would be no room left for anyone elses stuff. I have made a few more pieces today but i will add them tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great xmas and new year, and i hope 2011 is a good one for all. The lovely Rebecca Anderson has one of her lovely pieces in this months issue of beads and beyond magazine, and she has used my torch fired enameled butterflies, i have yet to see the finshed piece, i need to go buy a copy. I have some of my butterflies on my etsy site just now, and they where also featured in a lovely treasury the other day, so a big thanks to Lucy for including them. Im now away to have a little refreshment and sit and watch some tv.