Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wild meadows

Wild meadows by Eve smith,silvermeadows.
Wild meadows, a photo by Eve smith,silvermeadows. on Flickr.

Here is a little pair of earrings that i made at my workshop today, These measure 1 1/2" with the ear wire. I have cut out little flowers in the centre of the earring, then i doomed the flower, then i soldered it back onto the earring. i used my dremel to add some texture, I added a little liver of sulpher to darken the flower and part of the bottom of the earring, Then i popped them into the polisher. I have been looking at tools this week, I just love rio grande and otti frei, for their tools, just wish we had places like them in the UK, So I think that i'm going to purchase a few bits and bobs as even with the delivery and tax it works out cheaper than tools in this country.

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