Sunday, 17 June 2012

my very own workshop

I'm getting there with my workshop, it is in Ormiston just 2 miles from where i stay, this is my hammering station. I'm still getting everything organised, I have three work benches build, and i have still to get my soldering station and my polishing station done, but hopefully it will be all done by the end of this week. I have also added a few older pieces of jewellery to my etsy shop, which i have reduced, so if you want why not pop over and have a look, I will be adding more pieces as i dont really make much pieces like that now. I am now going to get my daughter Robyn ready for her ballet concert, she is dancing % nights in total, this is her 2nd night, we are all going to watch the show tomorrow, which i'm looking forward to, they always put on a great show.

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  1. I'm so jealous! I have to make do with working on the diningroom table and in the kitchen. It must be lovely to have a workshop all to yourself :D