Sunday, 13 May 2012

More pics

 Finally got around to taking some more pictures of some new pieces, here is a few, The ring is made using sterling silver wire with resin in the centre, The jigsaw pendant is hand pierced using copper and brass sheet. The little spiral earrings at the bottom has 24ct gold leaf fused onto them using the ancient technique called Keum Boo. I have also just got the keys to my very own work shop, this is just a few miles from where I live, This is why i have been buying loads of tools, mind you i wasn't happy yesterday as i paid for a delivery to come and waiting all day and yes you have quested it didn't turn up so they better refund my money. I have taken a few pics of my new place and i will post the before and after pics as i have a bit of work to do to it before i finally move in. Hope everyone has had a great weekend, even though the weather is horrible it seems like winter here but whats new for Scotland.

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