Tuesday, 8 May 2012

my new tools

my new tools by Eve smith,silvermeadows.
my new tools, a photo by Eve smith,silvermeadows. on Flickr.

Big happy smile on my face, here is some of my new tools that i got today from Rio grande, still waiting on two more deliveries from Otto Frei and Sutton tools. I got some silver which i have been needing for a while, along with textured plates, swanstorm disc cutters, new hammers and stone setting punches. I have been sharing bench space in Edinburgh for a year and a half which i have loved and met some other wonderful jewellers, but i have got myself a little place of my own, so this is why i'm buying loads of new tools that i will need for myself. I will keep you all posted with pics, as my new place need loads of work done, and hopefully i will add some pics of new jewellery some.

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