Monday, 13 August 2012

Weekend work

 Well that's my first week off  my holidays over with, I have been up at the workshop trying to get some more pieces ready for the fair, that i am doing in Edinburgh west end for the festival, I will be there from 16-19 August. I have been rushing about ordering a new banner, boxes etc, just keep my fingers crossed that i make some sales. i have been making a few pieces with butterflies as you can see from the pics that i have posted.
 I made this spinner ring today, still needs to be polsihed up more, i quite like making these rings. I do really need to be ordering more silver, I have a wish list of tools that i still want, but as they say Rome was'nt built in a day.
The weather has been quite good this last week, even managed to get to the beach twice, even if it was just taking the dog to run about in the sea.
 Kids go back to school on Thursday, it has been a fast 6 1/2 weeks holidays for them, I have all their new clothes bought, Will be a nightmare to get them to go to bed before 3am or 4am.

I made these drop earrings using these gorgeous lampwork beads from Isabelle Anderson from flame and glass, I have quite a fair stash of beads that I bought a while back and not been using much of late, so i thought i would try and introduce some beads back into my designs.